Mentor-Mentee Programme

Mentor- Mentee Cell

Mentor- Mentee Cell (Formerly known as Tutor-Ward Cell) is formed with a vision to extend support and guidance to the students studying in the college for the betterment of their academic and professional career and thereby contribute towards nation building. It is very effective system that is aimed to narrow down the gap between the mentee and the mentor and thereby the society in general. The students may come across difficulties during the degree programmes and have to face academic and adjustment challenges. To cope up with such problems and to enable them to excel in academics and profession as per their potential, a Mentor- Mentee programme for the students of the institution has been developed.  A Mentor- Mentee programme for our institute has been started in year 2016.

We are providing counselling to the students through personal attention. We have been providing them tips on studies personal counselling, guidance regarding career choices, to get success in the university examinations. We have also been supporting the mentees in the form of precise content on courses, fees, reviews, college admission process and scholarships etc. The scheme has become very successful in bridging the gap between the teacher and the student. It has become instrumental in blending the harmonious relationship between the learner and his/her family and the institution at large.

We aim that all students get rightly educated and take the right step towards building their career

Aims and Objectives

  • To bridge the gap between the mentor and the mentee.
  • To ensure the quality performance of the students in academics.
  • To deal with the related issues for the holistic development of the students.
  • To inspire and motivate for higher studies and competitive examinations.
  • To discuss stress related issues.
  • To regulate the academic involvement and assess the outcome.