Student Welfare Schemes

  • BAHISHAL SHIKSHAN YOJANA-This scheme helpful in improving student skill making the student aware about anti ragging and measures to prevent ragging. Scheme also include the lecture and demonstration for management stress by esteemed specialist in concern area. This scheme also gives and aware student about female feticide and women empowerment as students are the backbone of nation. This scheme also gives knowledge about disaster management.


  • EARN AND LEARN SCHEME (कमवा व शिका योजना) this scheme gives financial support to student financially so that their education should not stop because of any financial problem. Also this scheme nurtures the value of money and make the student aware and develop in their financial management.


  • DHANWANTARI SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME-This scheme gives financial support to student from weaker economic background, so that their education should not stop. This scheme is only for students from weak economic background.


  • SAVITRIBAI SCHOLARSHIP SCHEME -This scheme is only for girls from weak economic background. This scheme provide financial support.


  • SANJEEVANI SURAKSHA YOJANA It is beneficial for the students, if students hospitalized or suffering with any serious disease It also provide financial support if students became orphan. This scheme applied when student gets admission.

All above scheme are given by MUHS according to criteria set by university